TV Host Kyle Brandt Defends USC Star Caleb Williams Against Trolls

Caleb Williams was present at the Monday Madness game of USC women’s basketball team, and he got trolled online for his fashion choices…

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Even though he has the freedom to express himself through fashion, the 22-year-old football quarterback received online harassment for choosing what society deemed as “feminine” accessories, including wearing pink nail polish and lipstick, as well as having a pink phone and wallet.


Meanwhile, TV host Kyle Brandt had some things to say to the online trolls, as he defended the young athlete for his preference in fashion, which we are all entitled to. 

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“I started seeing the usual meme treatments and internet jokes and all that—it is fine and whatever. But then I engaged a little bit and I began seeing Caveman Twitter come out with not just jokes, but real authentic opinions and diatribes about Caleb’s personality and tastes being a problem and becoming red flags. And then I got genuinely annoyed,” Brandt said on ‘Good Morning Football’.

He continued,


“The most important qualities in a leader are being confident and being secure with yourself and being bold and having everyone you’re leading want to follow you. Find any teammate Caleb has had across two major programs. Say one bad thing about Caleb, let alone that he’s ‘weird’ or ‘eccentric.’”

The 45-year-old TV host also noted Williams’ many positive traits, which is why he doesn’t deserve all of the criticism that he’s been receiving solely because of his fashion choices.

“Caleb has not made any mistakes. He is one of the very first ever self-made multi-millionaire NFL prospects. He’s living in the entertainment capital of the world, 3,000 miles from where he grew up. He has been great as a player. I think he’s been incredible as a human being,” Brandt further expressed.


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  1. I loved Kyle Brandt on “Days of Our Lives” but lost track of him after he left acting. It’s nice to see him again in such a positive context.


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