Twitter Users Not Having Trump’s “Excuse” For His Failed UK Visit

Late last night, Donald Trump tweeted out his excuse for why he wouldn’t be visiting London. And as is the usual, he’s blaming Obama for it.

As you might have guessed, many people on Twitter responded unfavorably to Trump’s tweet. Several were quick to point out that it wasn’t Obama who sold the old embassy, but former president Bush Jr.

On top of that, responses also liked to remind the president that its not like many Londoners (or Englishmen for that matter) wanted him to visit anyway.

In fact, the massive protests against the U.S. president's visit may have a factor, or be the sole reason, that he didn't cross the pond.

Over all, Donald Trump tried to share fake news again to make himself seem important and right. And, Twitter was there to point out how wrong he was (again).

h/t: PinkNews

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