UK Gay Spa Sends Queen Off While You Get Off

People everywhere have tuned in to watch the funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II. And when we say ‘everywhere’ we mean everywhere.

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Pleasuredome Spa, a 24-hour gay sauna in the UK, shared that they would be paying tribute to Her Majesty by raising a toast to the late monarch and King Charles III.

Twitter @pleasuredromeuk

How did they do this? Did they close? Well, no, they never close–not even on Christmas. Instead, they remained open on Monday, September 19, but instead of showing their usual adult films on screens throughout the spa, they live streamed the Queen’s funeral as she made her final journey from Westminster Hall to Windsor Castle. 

Imagine all the kneeling in somber reverence for ol’ Liz happening in this place!

Twitter @pleasuredromeuk
Twitter @pleasuredromeuk

The spa also shared, in a post that has since been deleted, that they would not play any music out of respect for the funeral. All other activities could continue, though, including drinks provided for the toast. Feels like a missed opportunity to not rename the spa Fuckingham Palace for the week!

Twitter @pleasuredromeuk

For those looking to continue giving standing ovations or salutes, Pleasuredrome Spa is near Waterloo station in London. It’s a great way to send her off before you get off–we all know it’s what Her Majesty the Queen would have wanted.

Twitter @pleasuredromeuk

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  1. I was just checking out this gay spa’s website. Looks like a fun time. I think it’s been around for ages as well. Servicing alot of gays over the years.


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