Underwear Models Need To Have The Goods, Right? But Should They Have VPL?

When we see and examine underwear models, do we look at the face, the pecs, the abs, the body hair or lack there of, the cock lines, the ass, the legs, the bulge? I don't think we are all examining how the poly cotton blend reflects light.

Long ago in a basement far away, we gathered our International Male / Undergear catalogs and imagined what EVERYTHING looked like.  The fantasies were there but not the imagery.  During our pubescence, did we desire to see more or were we content with our imagination? 

With the proliferation of of assless undies being sold through so many different brands, we can have our fill of crack any time we want to. But when it comes to the front, do we desire more?  Do we want the VPL? 

Visual Penis Lines (VPL) – are they what we want?  Is there a time and a place for VPL?  I mean, we had our "Eggplant Fridays" for a while.  Those were more than just a possible outline of a head.

We've shared this Max Emerson video before, but it's right on topic so here it is again.




So what is the industry standard?  No VPL?  We did study for the quiz, honestly!

Do we want the bread or do we want to see the meat or at least the outline of the casing?

What sparked this train of thought was one of our readers, Rusty from Slovakia, who shared this underwear advert from neighboring Czech Republic.  Kralovstvi Pradla had a very upright model for a couple of their long dong, I mean long johns ads (click on images for larger views).

Is this a little too much? 

Should there be an industry standard that is followed or enforced? 

Who gives a crap?  Just show us the eggplant and sell sell sell?

What are your thoughts Instcincters?


What do you think?