United And Southwest Release An Apology/Statement Respectively In Regard To LGBT Passenger Mistreatment Over The Weekend.

Are there any airlines that have not had an issue recently?  This most recent rash of passenger mistreatment started off with United having a man dragged from a plane.  Given that drama United Airlines has been experiencing, all they need is something else to happen.

The Chicago based carrier recently had to offer an apology to a gay dad after a flight attendant accused him of having his hands too close to his son’s genitals.

The following post was found on DADsquared's Facebook Page, a page started by one of the fathers.



Was it a mistake?  Was it a revenge move? Was it someone just not understanding the relationship?

And it looks like United may be sued for what is alleged to have happen, per Herald Sun’s reporting:

“In response to the incident, the family said it has hired a lawyer and is planning on seeking damages from United.

“Based on the horrible situation that they placed him in front of their son and other people on the plane, we are going to vigorously pursue to be compensated by the airline for this horrible embarrassing treatment,” said Kenneth Padowitz, a Florida-based criminal defense attorney representing Amador-Batten.

“To have your young child see you be stopped by the police and be questioned like you have done something wrong based on nothing would cause any traveler to be mortified,” he added. “That type of emotional distress and improper persecution of one of their customers based off zero evidence needs to be rectified.”


In a statement to CNN, United apologized for the "misunderstanding."

"In this instance, the crew believed it was appropriate to ask authorities to meet the plane and interview the customer," United said in the statement. "After speaking with the customer, authorities determined that no further action was necessary. Our customers should always be treated with the utmost respect and we have followed up with our customer to apologize for the misunderstanding."

Just last night we reported Gay Dads & 3 Kids Not Allowed To Board Plane As A Family.  This occurrence unexpectedly came from an issue with a Southwest flight from Buffalo, NY to Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We thought sure if any airline, Southwest would escape this plague of debacles.

But Southwest has come out saying that there was no discrimination against the gay couple, their three kids and an 83 yr old grandmother.


Southwest Airlines in a statement denied that discrimination was a factor. According to Huffington Post, Southwest spokesperson said Morse's family were denied boarding because his husband's mother attempted to board with them.

However, Morse said that she is 83 and requires assistance.

Southwest rules allow one adult to board with children, "but typically our employees allow both parents to board," the spokesperson said. – rttnews.com


Have you been more cautious of your actions when traveling?

Have you been more aware of what others are doing around you?


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