US Coast Guard Locates Man Who Jumped From Atlantis Cruise While In Puerto Rico

Story updated 5 PM January 23rd.

The decadent and exotic Atlantis Cruises have cruised hundreds of thousands of miles, and stopped at some of the most stunning and lush ports all over the world. Unfortunately, the cruise that’s currently docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico during a week-long trip that started in Fort Lauderdale has taken a tragic turn. The Gaily Grind reports that during a stop in San Juan when the boat was docked, a white male toppled jumped from the 10th story deck of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas’ cruise ship.


CBS News David Begnaud reports (via Twitter) that US Coast Guard divers has recovered the body of a 46-year old Florida man, who apparently fell jumped overboard from the tenth story while the ship was just off of Puerto Rico’s North Shore in San Juan Bay.

Begnaud reported from his Twitter on the divers recovery of the passenger, as well as when a roll call was started on the boat in an effort to identify the passenger who at the time, was still missing. 


Passenger and Nashville Community Organizer Eric Patton posted haunting videos on his own Twitter page which showed passengers lining up in an effort to pinpoint exactly who was missing, as well as one with sirens on the boat blaring as the passengers were lined up and passengers were processed and identified. 


While the Atlantis team and Royal Caribbean staff were diligent in their processes, an announcement was made hours later that a body had been recovered. 

Patton tells the Tennessean “Atlantis has been doing these cruises for decades and is so professional and welcoming. I know that their hearts have to be broken over all this. They’ve handled this so professionally and with such kindness to the passengers,” Patton goes on to say. “It really feels like a brotherhood on here. It’s just so sad this happened.”

Source: Tennessean   ,  The Gaily Grind

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