Versace Replaces Gaga with Madonna for 2015 Campaign

Is this Madonna's way of outdoing Gaga?  Gaining back some ground?  Some would say she never lost it. 

If you're in the camp of one or the other, Versace's announcement to have Madonna be the face of its Spring / Summer 2015 collection should not be a win or lose situation.  It seems like it is just business between friends.

Designer Donatella added: 'Madonna is one of the true icons of Versace. I am thrilled to have my friend and the most powerful and directional artist as the face of Versace for Spring 2015.'


 She looked great in 2005 and is still stunning for the 2015 campaign, her fourth time representing the Versace label with her first being in 1995.  So should the 28 year old Gaga and her fans see this as her losing a little ground to 56 year old Madonna?  If anything, this should be good news for them.  If Madonna can represent the label 4 times, theres definitely room for Gaga to do encores.

We have not heard if Madonna herself has a comment about replacing Gaga, but here's an older interview in regard to the Madonna / Gaga comparison.

Here are some pictures from the new 2015 campaign. 


15 thoughts on “Versace Replaces Gaga with Madonna for 2015 Campaign”

  1. Hate to step in like a damn

    Hate to step in like a damn spammer, but just set up a new Etsy shop and trying to get some traction for it…  Hope you guys stop by and check it out!  And btw, before she switched to speaking in a British accent and following trends instead setting them, most people considered Madonna a fucking powerhouse.  Gaga certainly has her place, but Madonna is iconic.  If she cared to have a bit more grace as she ages, it wouldn't even be a question of Madonna or Gaga.  It'd be like asking Marilyn (were she alive) or Kate Upton.

    Kinds regards! 

    • WTF are you talking about,

      WTF are you talking about, either explain with a valid reason you think this (although I doubt you can) or keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself you uneducated moron.

  2. It cracks me up when people

    It cracks me up when people make negative comments about Madonna…it just shows she is indeed still relevant or these people wouldn't have an opinion on her…Ha! Still nailing it…

  3. Madonna has always been
    Madonna has always been amazing when being the face of Versace hence they bring her back to do it really though the monsters have to respect her for what she does and the career she has built. No other woman has managed to stay so relevant and smash so many boundaries and records. And more importantly without Madonna Gaga wouldn’t be a possibility and would have never been accepted by the industry so its time to stop fuelling the feud. In my mind it is the monsters that through their nasty comments etc on so many stars have switched so many people off gaga they are the greatest risk to her Gaga’s career right now no one else.

  4. I love all the retouched

    I love all the retouched photos of Madonna! It hides the bad plastic surgery and makes her look really pretty!

  5. I see the monsters have been

    I see the monsters have been commenting again! Well all I have to say is please stop spreading negativity by fuelling this non- existent fire! It's just giving opportunity for immature brains to get their fix! 


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