Video Shows Homophobic, Racist Man Screaming at Plane Passengers

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On September 1st, a man was kicked off an American Airlines flight due to his inappropriate behavior which prompted complaints from the female passenger sitting next to him.

What happened next has since went viral on the internet.


As the lovely, patient stewardess politely asks the man to exit the plane, he goes into a homophobic and racist rant that was caught on camera by another passenger. Despite getting a lot of drama on video, other passengers on the place have said the first half of the rant was even worse.

The irate man, who has not been publicly identified yet, decided to sing the hateful greatest hints including: “(I’m Not Racist) I’m Just a Little Intoxicated,” “I Need to Get Away (From These Faggots),” “I Make More Money Than You,” “I Hope (You All Crash),” and “You’re All Liberal Faggots.”

Watch it all unfold just below.


Gee, I wonder who he voted for last time…

Gay Pilot Gives Bizarre Rant On Plane’s PA System • Instinct Magazine

After getting somewhat aggressive with the stewardess, the man finally found his black bag – which he thought vindicated his accused racism – and exited the plane. But not before really putting the final nail in his coffin.


The irate passenger announced that he worked for Britian-based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company GlaxoSmithKline. When asked again by the other passengers, the man clarified but louder this time. Clearly, he wasn’t following their train of thought.

GlaxoSmithKline responded within 24 hours and announced the man had been terminated.


Also, after the man was removed from the plane, the flight from Philadelphia to Dallas continued as normal. 

While flying is typically a stressful experience, that certainly does not excuse any homophobic and racist behavior and/or aggression with the flight staff. However, justice has been served in this case and hopefully the man in question learns from his horrible actions. 

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