Viral Video of A Dancing Taxi Rider Shows Us That You Can Look Fabulous Doing Anything

Have we been hailing cabs wrong this whole time?

A Facebook video is going viral for its flair and fabulousness. Since being posted on Monday, the video has 19,000 reactions, 28 thousand shares, and 3.1 Million views.

The video is simple, quick, and a whole lot of fun. A man dances in front of a yellow taxi while UNIIQU3 by TicTac plays in the background. Carrying a bag and a covered garment in hand, the man struts his way around the cab before diving headfirst into the car.

Now, we know it was the high kicks, the sass, and all that bounce that’s making this video so popular on the internet, but we also have to pick a little fun at it. I mean, when someone where’s an all yellow outfit (next to a yellow taxi), you have to laugh a bit.

Of course, we also have to feel a little bad for that taxi driver. We hope the driver started the meter as soon as he was stopped to record this video, because that was a few dollars’ worth of of time he had to wait for.

You can watch the video down below.

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