Virulently Anti-LGBTQ Pastor Predicts Democrats Will Gun Down GOP Voters To Win In 2020

Virulently anti-LGBTQ ‘citizen reporter’ and far-right nut job Rick Wiles told his TV audience recently on the TruNews program that Democrats plan to begin killing Republicans in an effort to suppress GOP voter turnout in 2020.


I kid you not.

Wiles has previously said ebola could "solve" America's problem with gays; declared the Las Vegas mass shooting was carried out by a super secret gay nazi death squad; that the city of Houston was punished by God with Hurricane Harvey because they love LGBT sexual perversion; and that gay Nazis control America.

In his recent broadcast, Wiles declared the Democratic Party a “terrorist organization,” and labeled Democrats everything from “demonic” to “baby killers.”

“The Democrats are now stalking members of the Trump administration,” Wiles said. “My friends, I’m telling you there is a day coming, perhaps this year, they’re going to shoot members of the Cabinet, they’re going to shoot members of the House and Senate.”


“The Democrats have lost their minds, they’ve gone insane,” he added. “We have to put bodyguards around our elected officials to protect them from Democrats? At what point do you charge the Democratic Party with being a terrorist organization?”

“The Left has gone berserk. They’ve already crossed the line,” he railed. “They’ve already lost their senses – They’re willing to do anything and killing is the next thing that they’ll do.”

“Don’t forget the Democratic Party stated the first civil war,” declared Wiles. “The Democrats will start the second Civil War to protect abortion.”

“They’re fanatical baby killers. Anybody that would kill a baby would kill you … They want to kill babies, of course they’ll kill you. They’re crazy. They’re demonic.”


“Mark my words,” Wiles declared. “They’re going to kill Republicans and by 2020, on election day, they’re going to kill Republican voters, they’re going to block Republicans from voting.”

Watch the crazy loony-toons below.


(h/t Right Wing Watch)


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