Walgreens Teams Up w/ HRC – Distributes Guide On Treating LGBTI To Its Pharmacists

We've been shocked in the past by stories of our readers having to educate their doctors on PrEP, HIV, and other aspects of LGBT healthcare.  Selecting the right doctor within your health care coverage is hard enough, then you have to find one that might know a thing or two about LGBT health concerns. 

I have several friends that are pharmacists and their stories of how they have to call doctors and tell them that what they are requiring their patients to do / take are actually detrimental to their health.  I think someone over at Walgreens had put too many calls into doctors about LGBT concerns and said, let's do this better.

Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the US, is distributing 70,000 copies of a new resources guide on treating LGBTI customers with respect to health care professionals across the country.

The guide has been produced in partnership with Human Rights Campaign (HRC). It carries information on appropriate LGBTQ terminology and identities, and on the health disparities experienced by LGBTQ people.

There are also section related to transition services and hormone therapy for trans people, HIV medication and PrEP. There is also advice on creating an inclusive and welcoming pharmacy environment.

‘LGBTQ people often experience barriers to care, and, for many, their most frequent interaction with a health care professional occurs right in their own neighborhood pharmacy,’ said Tari Hanneman, Director of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Health Equality Project, in a statement.

‘This guide will help ensure that they are treated with dignity, respected in their identities, and able to gain the necessary and inclusive health care we all need to live and thrive.’ – gaystarnews.com

For more on what Walgreens and HRC are doing, head over to Gay Star News.  

Are you more comfortable with your pharmacist than your doctor when it comes to health concerns?  When it comes to LGBT health concerns?

Do you feel your Doctor may need this 12 page flier?

Will this make you switch pharmacies?

You can find the whole pamphlet / pdf here.




h/t:  gaystarnews.com

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