Washington House Member Releases Threat if Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage are not Stopped

GOP member Matt Shea of Spokane Valley, Washington wrote and sent out a document threatening death if people do not closely follow biblical rules, presumably in his proposed 51st state, according to New York Daily News.

Shea is a strong proponent of the eastern side of Washington becoming the 51st state and naming it "Liberty." I can only assume that be would be an important political figure in this state and, as such, would implement his beliefs. He has recently written and sent out a four-page document titled "Biblical Basis of War" in which he advocates for the abolition of abortion and same-sex marriage and threatens death to males who do not yield to these ridiculous requests.

Spokane resident and Facebook user Tanner Rowe leaked the document in a status where he shows the entirety of "Biblical Basis of War." In this document, Shea says to first examine all able-bodied males aged 18-45 and appoing captains of factions of 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s and make an offer of peace in which certain terms cannot be negotiated before attempting war. The terms are as follows:

  1. Stop all abortions 
  2. No same-sex marriage
  3. No idolatry or occultism
  4. No communism
  5. Must follow biblical law.

Quite the tall order for people who do not follow Christian beliefs…

If people agree to these rules, then they "must pay share of work or taxes" and if they refuse, "all males" will be killed.

Wow! It's amazing that people who think like this still exist. Of course, not many people actually believe in what is written in "Biblical Basis of War" and some are actively opposed to it, as they see how this document is nothing but ramblings of a fanatic.

One such person is Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, who said that the document is "not a Sunday school project or an academic study," but instead a “ ‘how to’ manual consistent with the ideology and operating philosophy of the Christian Identity/Aryan Nations movement and the Redoubt movement of the 1990s.” I was born at the tail end of 1994 so I don't remember any of this happening but I'm assuming many people were against such ideologies and philosophies.

Whether or not Shea prescribes to the views of Aryan groups, it is apparent that he wishes to have a theocratic government, as he believes that the United States is a Christian nation that is being threatened by Marxists and Islamists. 

This is just conjecture, but Shea is probably afraid of "Islamists" infiltrating the "Christian" nation of the United States because he fears that they will introduce Sharia law into the country. But isn't him writing "Bibilcal Basis of War" his way of introducing a type of Christian "Sharia law" into the United States?

h/t: New York Daily News, Facebook

2 thoughts on “Washington House Member Releases Threat if Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage are not Stopped”

  1. Why are still pursuing for

    Why are still pursuing for the same sex marriage? For equality? For equal rights? Yes i am gay! I am not in favor or against same sex marriage. But to think….. we human must pass a bill or a law for same sex rights or bill. Not fot the same sex marriage. If you want to get married then get married! Sometimes we lgbt think so radical that we dont think wisely anymore. Some are not also satisfied!

  2. Stupid. But he can have his

    Stupid. But he can have his own opinion. And I don't know if HE is afraid of U.S. Islamists imposing Shariah Law, but as a gay man I sure know it's something we have to prevent by any means. 


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