Watch Disney Channel’s First Ever Gay Coming Out Scene

The Disney Channel is embarking on a new frontier as they introduce the first gay storyline on the children's and pre-teen's channel. (And, you can watch the scene down below).


The tv show Andi Mack follows a young pre-teen girl who's family life is shaken up after her wild older sister comes back to town.

And in this show, Andi has a best friend named Cyrus and a boyfriend named Jonah. In the show's current second season, Cyrus is realizing that he's jealous of the couple because he has a crush on Jonah too.

This is the first time that Disney Channel will have a gay storyline (though, it has included gay characters before like having an episode with lesbian parents in the show Good Luck Charlie).


The channel, which has seen better days, has been trying to find a way to bring back its former popularity. In order to do that, they reached out to Terri Minsky who created Lizzie McGuire (starring Hilary Duff), the show that arguably started the channel's original renaissance.

Minsky agreed to return because she had a new idea for a show with a more mature story and a shocking twist in the first episode (which can also be watched down below).

That said, this new show and its more mature storylines aren't being praised by everyone. As earlier reported, One Million Moms is boycotting the Disney channel for the inclusion of this gay storyline.

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