We Need to Have a Serious Talk on How Freaking Hot Ryan Phillippe Is

Many of us have been crushing on actor Ryan Phillippe for over twenty years now.  This goes way back to his movie starring days in the films 54, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and my personal favorite… Cruel Intentions.

What's pretty incredible is that he has only gotten hotter as he's gotten older.  At 43-years-old, he rivals guys half his age with his incredibly physique that was definitely on display during a recent trip to Cabo, Mexico.

The shirtless hunk looked insanely gorgeous (see the pics here) as he displayed his insane six pack as well as debuting his new tattoo that he got back in December.

Honestly Ryan, kudos to you.  Keep doing what you are doing, because it's clearing working. 


What do you think?