Wedding Wednesday – Jakub and David, Our Polish Lip Syncers Gained Clearance To Marry In Portugal

We receive wedding videos and announcements once in a while AND WE'D LOVE TO GET MORE!  We know you're all out there getting engaged and hitched in extravagant, down home, spectacular, and simple ways.  Send them in to us and we can see what we can do to share your engagement / wedding / love with the rest of the world.

One couple that we like to think as friends (we'd better get an invite!) sent us a quick message the other day.


Hello, It's Jakub and David from Roxette video and we're getting married!!! There's not too many positive stories for LGBT people in Poland but this one definitely is – we're getting married and it's possible thanks to our videos and….haters.


We first met Jakub and David in August 2016 when we posted Roxette Says "Nice One!" To Gay Couple's Lip Sync Of "Some Other Summer."  It introduces us to the fun loving Polish couple, but it also brought a good amount of hate their way. Polish Couple Respond To Hate With New Video was the second post which featured "Don't You Need Somebody" by RedOne Ft. Enrique Iglesias, Aseel and ShaggyThat was in October of 2016.  In December 2016 the boys remained true to their Polish roots and synced one of Beata Kozidrak's songs, which we shared Our Polish Boys Are Back With Another Video But Are Keeping It Native.  We applauded them for attacking the hate at home.  One thing they cannot do is get married in Poland … but they can still get married.



Jacob and David will get married this summer on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The local registry office on the island, which initially rejected the couple's documents, changed its position after taking into account the scale of homophobia which fell onto the Polish couple. Same-sex marriage is still not possible in Poland which pushes LGBT Polish couples to comprise and get married abroad, which is not always easy.

The guys tried for a year to get permission to marry on Madeira Island. "If we can’t get married in our country, we wanted to choose a place that is close to our hearts," explained David. "There are countries where it is easier to get permission to marry, but we chose Madeira because we fell in love with this Island a few years ago, and since then, we visit it every year." Their first application was rejected due to a lack of documents. Polish authorities have a history of making it difficult for homosexual couples to get married abroad.

Portuguese law, however, allows renouncement from the requirements in exceptional circumstances. "We read about this opportunity and decided to appeal, "says Jacob. "We described our story in a letter, the scale of hate and threats that simply showered us, and we handed in all documents and publications about us from the Polish and foreign press. After a few weeks of waiting, we got  the news that they changed the decision. We receive permission to get married without any missing documents."

"It is, however, true, that our dream ceremony on Madeira, which is planned for the summer, we owe to our haters."

Congrats guys!  We will be looking for that invitation!

Jakub and David did a fourth song, but we didn't get to share it.  They dropped the lip syncing and actually sang with their friends Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Carpool Karaoke style.



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