Welsh Man Assaulted for “Looking Gay”

Why can't people just… not attack people randomly? Unfortunately we don't live in such a world. Twenty-two-year-old Jack Gunter was attacked on October 13th after a night out with his friends, according to BBC. This is not the first time someone has written about an unprovoked attack on a gay man, as Instinct writer Randy Slovacek has written about a man who attacked two gay men in Brooklyn in his article Police Looking For Attacker In Alleged Brooklyn Hate Crime and my follow up article Suspect in Brooklyn Hate Crime Turns Himself In.

The attack happened outside of a chip shop in Bridgend, Wales, where Gunter had slurs such as "f***ot" thrown at him from people across the street and was punched to the ground and kicked in the face. He describes this attack as the most abusive homophobic attack he had suffered since he came out at thirteen. He doesn't know why the attackers assaulted him, but he speculates that it's because they thought he "looked gay." This horrible experience has Gunter so bothered that he no longer goes out with his friends.

These attacks will keep happening unless people become educated on LGBTQ topics and issues. Students in Wales have been taking matters into their own hands by creating the group Digon, that teaches other students about the consequences and impact of homophobic bullying. This is definitely a good thing, as many people don't understand just how horrible homophobia can be as they don't have to worry about it. Hopefully homophobic bullying and, by extension, all bullying will stop or at least decrease in frequency. For now, the best we can do is educate.

h/t: BBC

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  1. All of the UK is very bad as

    All of the UK is very bad as far as gaybashing goes, and is constantly getting worse. (It's homophobic immigrants, generally). 


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