Westboro Baptist Accepts Challenge to go Protest in Iraq

 Remember when Westboro Baptist Church said they were going to picket Robin Williams' funeral because he was a "fag enabler?" (Like we need enabling.) Well, that pissed off British comedian Adam Hill.

In a classic (and hilarious) rant on his show The Last Leg (the rant's down below ICYMI), he told Westboro Baptist if they were really concerned about defending the Christian way of life, they should put their money where their mouth is and fly to Iraq to protest Islamist extremists beheading Christians. Today we learn that the Assboro Westboro Baptist Church members have ACCEPTED!

Who knew it would be so easy? And all it'll cost is a dozen first class plane tickets. We figure they'll be one-way tickets, too.

The church accepted the offer and called on Hills to shut up or "show us plane tickets" Hills said he will ‘reply’ to the Westboro Baptist Church on tonight’s episode of The Last Leg (August 22nd).

The WBC then tweeted: "Iraq here we come."

If anyone knows where they'll be protesting, please use #HeyExtremistsHereTheyAre.

If you missed it–and even if you didn't it's worth another viewing–here is Adam Hill's epic rant.





9 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Accepts Challenge to go Protest in Iraq”

  1. This comedian sucks. He
    This comedian sucks. He will be the first one to convert and sell his soul to the devil if he has too. No laughing matter.

    • Anonymous is the one who

      Anonymous is the one who sucks.  He doesn't have to sell his soul to the devil……..the devil already has it…….for free.

  2. ISIS is beheading children.
    ISIS is beheading children. WBC stands on street corners holding signs. Maybe it would be better if WBC prevailed? A lesser of two evils. I realize ISIS is a huge terrorist organization and WBC is comprised of about a dozen hicks from Kansas but if we had to pick a side, would we really want ISIS to win?

    • This difference, however, is

      This difference, however, is that ISIS still remains an overseas threat. WBC is still stateside. I can't stand that the WBC condemns the US for "enabling fags," yet hides behind the First Amendment. I honestly think they should be considered a hate group or domestic terrorist organization, rather than a church. You do realize that they are able to receive tax breaks because of the fact that they are considered a church?


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