What Happens On The Dance Floor, Stays On The Dance Floor

(screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Greyson Chance shifts into dance-pop mode for his new track and music video, “Dancing Next To Me.”

Shot in a club setting, Chance has one of those dance floor encounters where the sexual tension is undeniable. But after giving in to intimacy, Chance finds himself alone at the end of the night.

Chance – who first found viral fame with his 2010 Lady Gaga cover of “Paparazzi” – candidly admits the song is based on a real-life experience. 

“I was growing into feeling comfortable with being vulnerable around this person and then eventually being intimate with them and thinking that there was really something truthful there and something beautiful,” Chance recently told PEOPLE.

Chance thought he might have made a love connection, but ended up “having this feeling of betrayal in the morning when the sun rose and the person left.”

“He wasn’t confident enough to love me,” said the 22-year-old. “I think in many ways he was afraid to take that step.”

I was yours for the weekend
Come sunrise, it’s time for you to dodge your feelings
Call your girl to deny
We know is the truth
You were who you wanted to be
When you were there, you were there
You were dancing next to me

“In many ways, whether it’s right or wrong, I hope he hears this song and hates it,” Chance says. “I hope it brings an ill feeling to him just because I felt betrayed.”

The song, co-written with producer/songwriter Teddy Geiger, was the first to come out of his collaboration with Geiger because the experience was so fresh in his mind. 

As he shared with MTV, “I was really tired this summer of being people’s experiments.”

“Dancing Next To Me” is now available on all digital download sites. Check out the music video below.