What Sites Do You Use To Book Gay Travel?

What travel sites do you use to book your vacations?  Purpleroofs.com ? HEtravel.com ? Some of the more well known mainstream sites?


When it comes to booking vacations, I'm a crazy obsessed planner.  I have googlemaps and Gaycities and Orbitz and Kayak and everything all pulled up.  My goal is to find a place at a good cost that's near all the attractions, gay villages, bars, museums, restaurants, events, etc.  It's fun, exciting, stressful, time consuming, as well as a game I feel I can win, but as well need to win in order to have the best trip. 

Orbitz is my go to website. I find the ease of the site, the Orbitz bucks I earn, and plusses like 15% coupons on my next booking all draw me back to book with them.  And what I have seen and researched, Orbitz seems to be the only one out of Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, and Kayak to have a gay travel section. 

Miss Richfield 1981 says it best in this video—not all travel sites are created equal. When you book on Orbitz, your travel dollars work harder. Here’s why:  

  • We’re the ONLY leading travel agency with a perfect Corporate Equality Index Score from the Human Rights Campaign, with two GLAAD Media awards to boot.
  • We’re the ONLY leading travel site with filters for hotel reviews by other LGBT travelers.
  • We feature the top gay-friendly accommodations, including Best in Stay hotels and gay resorts.
  • We’re proud sponsors of many LGBT charities and events, year after year.   – Orbitz

The video below is from 2012, but still shows that Orbitz has great intentions, more intentions than others.  Visiting the Gay Orbitz section of their massive website, you will find a list of 2015 events and a Q and A section, so there is someone paying attention to our community at one of the biggest travel site out there. 

What seems like a new site, well at least new to me, is Fagabond. I am not sure if I approve of the name since in many circles the "f-word" is considered to be just as bad as the "n-word."  On Fagabond, we do see many links to The Huffington Post and Fagabond is in Orbitz's partner network, assisting with reservations.  It seems pretty up to date, So I may consider this as one of the sites I'll have open when looking at my next booking experience.  What they will need to do is to increase the list of cities they offer gay insight on.

What site(s) do you use?

What sites do you think care for our community?


What do you find lacking from those sites you use?



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  1. Hey – Thanks for including

    Hey – Thanks for including fagabond.com! We're working on including new cities to the site soon. And I hear ya about the "F" word but we consider ourselves part of the Queer movement working to reclaim the word “Fag,” and we wear the label proudly. From our visitors feedback, I believe they all wear that label proudly too. Just for the record, we do not tolerate closed-mindedness. The only baggage we welcome on this site is a valise for your next gay vacation.


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