What’s the craziest naked thing you’ve done with a platonic friend?

I had some friends down visiting Wilton Manors from New England a couple weeks ago.  Food, drinks, dancing, and beach time filled the weekend.  We also did some observations at what is probably the gayest Starbucks in the country.  All platonic activities, nothing sexual, and we all kept our clothes on.

After the observations and coffee, we proceeded to do some shopping. It seems the Pride Factory is always a retail destination of my friends while visiting Fort Lauderdale.  After one of my friends tallied up a bill $15.00 shy of a $10% coupon, he saw what he would spend the extra funds on to receive the discount.  There on the counter were anal bleaching kits. "We could do this together!" he exclaimed. 

So would having an anal bleaching get together with friends excite you?  Well we hurried home, dropped our drawers and proceeded to … heck no!  I was not going to do this.  No dropping of drawers occurred.  I shared my negative thoughts about the proposed activity even before the credit card hit the counter.  My two friends seemed to be into it so the purchase was made and he received his discount.

Needless to say, no group anal bleaching occurred that weekend.  Instead once we returned to my place, we fell asleep watching an episode of Looking.  Not sure if I was the negative Nancy or the Debbie downer of the group, but I guess I'm just the prude.  

How far would I go with platonic friends?  I've heard of some friends douching together before going out and others visiting nude beaches.  One of my "activity partners" use to ask me all the time to invite a friend over to be a part of the action, but I just don't do that with friends.  Pedicures?  Sure!  I can do those, but I'm not sure an orgy or bath house attendance would keep the friendship platonic.  If you personally don't touch, would it still be platonic (no Eiffel Towers allowed)?  The back room at Rawhide in New Orleans during Southern Decadence?  Well we cannot mention what happens there.

What about getting your buttholes steamed?  I didn't know that this even occurred.  I'm still on the fence about this one and if I would make it a group activity.  Like I said, pedicures, sure.  To learn more about this cleansing technique, go over to BuzzFeed.com and see what these two guys went through as well as what they learned from the experience.  Would you do this at all or with a friend?


What are some of the more interesting activities that you've done with platonic friends?  I've seen the friends that share a man at the Ramrod.  I'm not asking about those activities.  I was asking more so about the naked activities that non sexual friends might have done together.  Thanks for the responses.

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  1. What the heck? I’m actually
    What the heck? I’m actually wanting anal bleaching info. What do any of these comments have to do with anal bleaching? Y’all are like I had an orgy & oh yeah I’ve never had anal bleaching done….

  2. I had a four way with my best

    I had a four way with my best friend after going out to a bar. That's where we picked up the two guys.  I played with the other two guys.  But hardly touched my best friend.  It was just a little weird. But it was nothing that changed us being best friends.  It was something that we would laugh at later on in life.  Especially because one of the guys stood up on the bed we were on and hit his head in the ceiling fan above the bed.  Even though we told him be careful of the fan.  

    But as far as the anal bleaching I would do it with a friend. And hope that he would do it for me too. 

  3. I went to a bath house with 2

    I went to a bath house with 2 of my besties and we all went our own way for a while, met up and the pool and dipped into the water then went to the jacuzzi.  All be it, I felt like we should of had a moment with others but we all watched each other at some point having sex with others.  We never joined in just watched and moved along.  As far as Anal bleaching, I've never done it and don't know what it takes, but I'm one for an adventure.  

  4. I had a 3way with my best

    I had a 3way with my best friend with a boy he picked up in the bar one night.  He tried to pick the boy up but apparently the kid had been cruising me all night & I hadn't even noticed.  The only way he'd come back is if I joined in.  Weirdest & most awkward night OF MY LIFE.  It was like fucking a stranger…with my sister watching.  lol


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