When You Know For A Fact Sexually He’s A …

We've all played the game at the bar guessing who likes what, where, and how.  We stereotype what sexual role fellow bar goers play based on looks, body size, how they dance, etc.  Why do we play that game?  When on the pull, we want to make sure we get the right compatible guy. 

What if it's a friend and you've thought he was one thing but then find out he's another.  That's the topic of Michael Henry's latest video. 




Have you been wrong about a friend before?

What do you do when you find out someone you're cruising at a bar isn't what you think?  What you want?

Thanks Michael for the humor!


Michael Henry insta: MICHAELHENRY915
Michael Lucid insta: DAMIANAGARCIA
Henry McMillan. insta: HENRYMCMILLAN
Doug Rogers: insta: ILLBEYADOUG

Written by: Michael Henry

Filmed/Edited: Paul McGovern jr. insta: PMC_GEE
Sound: Daniel Hartigan insta: DANFROMLALA

What do you think?