Where In Europe Are LGBTQ Americans Visiting The Most? Hello Britain!

Is it because we love their accents so much? Is it the ease of not needing to learn another language? Are we all hoping to see Taron Egerton on the Kingsman: The Golden Circle Themed 7-Day UK Trip? Oh yes, it does exist.

Why are LGBTQ Americans visiting Britain more than any other European nation?

New research by VisitBritain shows that Britain is the most popular European destination for American LGBTQ travelers, beating all other countries surveyed to the top rank, followed by France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Ireland.

Of course, for American travelers, Canada and Mexico are the top two most popular destinations (33 and 32 percent respectively), but the UK comes in a solid third at 30 percent where as the 4th place destination, France, is at 22 percent. 

Britain also scored highly with LGBTQ travelers on welcome, with 95% agreeing that Britain is a “LGBTQ-welcoming place to travel.” The Netherlands had a higher “Very Safe” rating, but Great Britain had the highest combination of “Very Safe + Somewhat Safe” rating. 

The ‘LGBTQ Leisure Travel to Britain’ research, carried out by Community Marketing & Insights, found that Britain’s historical and cultural attractions were found to be the top travel motivators overall for LGBTQ visitors with 76% sightseeing at famous buildings and monuments and 71% visiting museums and art galleries on their trip. The survey also found that American LGBTQ visitors enjoyed the vibrancy of Britain’s cities with London, Edinburgh, Bath, Glasgow and Manchester the top five cities for overnight visits.

VisitBritain Senior Vice President for the Americas Paul Gauger said:

It is no wonder Britain is such a popular destination for the LGBTQ community with our vibrant cities, unparalleled cultural offering, stunning countryside and world-class attractions. We also know that global competition for visitors is fierce and people have a lot of choice. We must continue to highlight the equality and openness of Britain while addressing barriers to travel, promoting our message of welcome and value and highlighting experiences that research shows appeal to LGBTQ visitors from America. Crucially these insights can help us link the motivations and inspirations for LGBTQ travel with the amazing destinations, activities and attractions that can only be experienced in Britain.

Britain was seen as an expensive destination with the LGBTQ visitors surveyed, citing this as the top reason that might prevent them taking a vacation.

Mr Gauger said:

Britain’s accommodation, dining and visitor attractions are continuing to offer great deals for visitors, and with a favourable exchange rate we are promoting a message of value across our activity in the US to drive bookings. Also, with more direct airline routes and more daily flights from the US on offer, along with a calendar of exciting events throughout the year, it really is a great time to book a trip now.

To lessen the larger city expenses that one may find in London, visitbritain.com does suggest 5 LGBT City Break Alternatives to London

Instincters … have you been to Britain?  Multiple times?  Do you rank it as the #1 LGBTQ European destination?  Is there another country that gets your #1 vote?

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The research was carried out by CMI on behalf of VisitBritain from 24 October to 5 November 2018. It surveyed 2013 LGBTQ community members living in the USA and Canada.

Photos and charts are from the CMI / VisitBritain study pdf.