“Who Doesn’t Love Playing Games???”

Drew Canan in "Bad Boys Game Night"
Drew Canan in “Bad Boys Game Night” (all screen caps via YouTube)

There’s all kinds of games going on in “Bad Boy’s Game Night,” the latest installment of the popular “Bad Boys” web series.

 Scott (played by series creator Artie O’Daly) is hosting game night with Jim (Drew Canan), James (Alex Dyon), and on-again, off-again boyfriend Brian (Doug Rogers).


Scott and Brian just can’t seem to get on the same wavelength playing Celebrity (kind of like their relationship), while best buds Jim and James are totally in sync.

For instance, when James reels off, “He’s a dude, older than God, he’s gay, kind of a loner, hangs out with kids,…the reason you have a thing for daddies.” Jim correctly guesses, “Dumbledore!”

But Brian isn’t even sure if his next clue is a food or famous rappers. Don’t worry, Bri, we wouldn’t have guessed it either.

Doug Rogers and Artie O'Daly in "Bad Boys Game Night"
L-R Doug Rogers, Artie O’Daly

It turns out that even though the episode is set in September, Jim just loves Christmas so much he’s already trimmed the tree, set out stockings, and is decked out in full Santa Elf regalia. Although, in true “Bad Boys” style, Jim soon finds a reason to lose his elf pants. Yay!!!

Speaking of losing things, throughout the short film food, drinks, and more keep mysteriously disappearing. Additionally, there are odd bumps and noises going on in the house. Santa, is that you?

Meanwhile, Scott wants Jim to chill his hostile attitude towards Brian. But our elf-with-a-shelf can’t get past Brian’s “smarmful” demeanor. 

Miki Yamashita
Miki Yamashita in “Bad Boys Game Night”

Then, there’s the eccentric pizza girl (played with laser beam intensity by Miki Yamashita) who shows up at the door even though no one ordered anything. Although, turns out she’s pretty fierce at Celebrity.

As with the wild and wacky world of Mr. O’Daly, the shenanigans continue with each additional guest appearance (Eden Robledo, Braden Davis, Alina Bock) getting more and more surreal.

If you aren’t familiar with “Bad Boys,” it’s somewhat like the 1960s sitcom Green Acres, where the central character constantly encounters off-kilter oddballs who draw you in no matter how zany they may be.

Drew Canan, James Dyon, Artie O’Daly and Doug Rogers

As one commenter on the YouTube page wrote, “Come for the game, stay for the charades!”

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Note – if you pay attention to the dialogue, O’Daly is dropping little bread crumbs about about who might be behind the mysterious killers.

And, don’t close the browser window too soon because, because just like Marvel, O’Daly serves up post-credits scenes just when you think it might be over.

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