Who Has the Best Chance at Winning ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3’?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 is down to its final seven contestants, as, SPOILER ALERT, Milk, Thorgy Thor and Morgan McMichaels have already sashayed away.  Womp womp.

Tonight's episode is a crucial one, and also the one we wait for no matter what the season is: Snatch Game.  It really does separate the ladies from the girls, as the ones who either win or become top three in this challenge have a great chance at winning the season overall (Bianca Del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon, Bob the Drag Queen, etc.)

That being said, let's breakdown the final seven queens and see who has the best, the middle, and the worst shot at winning the coveted crown and joining in the ranks of previous winners Chad Michaels and Alaska

7. Chi Chi DeVayne.  In the preview of this week's episode, Chi Chi reveals that she is playing legendary poet Maya Angelou.  I don't want to sound apprehensive, but I have to wonder where she will go with that as its almost insulting to do a caricature of someone on that stature.  Chi Chi has been in the bottom all three weeks so far, and has gotten lucky with why she has stuck around (Morgan opened her mouth, so did Thorgy, and MIlk pissed off Kennedy).  If she lands in the bottom tonight, it won't surprise me if she gets sent home.  Then again, they could keep her around and get rid of stronger competition, but I'm not entire sure that will happen. 

6. Trixie Mattel.  Yes, I have no problem putting her here.  Trixie is great, but has been middle of the road the entire time.  I understand that she may have made top 2 last week had Milk just shut up a bit, but she's falling into the same pattern that she did last time: safe.  I also worry that her impersonation of RuPaul during Snatch Game tonight will fall flat, and put her in the bottom two, but then again there could be a surprise and she'll do great.  But she has to get out of this position that she's in, because it won't read well in the long run.

5. Bebe Zahara Benet.  We don't know yet if she's actually a contestant (that Handmaid's Tale theory is still working to this point) but Bebe is falling into the same category that Trixie is in terms of being middle of the road.  If she really is a contestant, its not working for her.  And I don't understand why she wasn't in the bottom and Aja was last week, but we will see if whatever rabbit she pulls out of her hat tonight makes her safe again.

4. Aja.  I go back and forth between Aja and my third place contestant.  I have to give Aja some mad props as she has elevated her art of drag to the umpteenth power this season, especially with the radiating looks she's given on the runway.  Where she falters, however, is her acting.  The Bitchelor wasn't her shining moment, same as what got her sent home in Season 9 during the 90210 parody.  She brings it in fashion, not in acting, which is the exact opposite as…

3. Kennedy Davenport.  I was so hesitant about her in the beginning, as I didn't care for Kennedy's attitude that much during season 7.  She was someone who was in the middle of the pack for the first two episodes, but man did that change during The Bitchelor and her party girl persona.  Kennedy can act, she's great at it and does these characters amazing.  Her fashion is a bit dated, which concerns me as well but then again Chad Michaels also had that pattern in season 4 and then came back to All Stars and slayed, so I'm neck and neck with Kennedy and Aja at this point. 

2. Shangela. She came ready to play this season, it was evident.  She definitely came ready to play in season 3, but wasn't developed yet (lack of sewing, confidence issues, etc).  This time around, she knows what the fuck she's doing and is playing it to the Halleloo power and its working.  Not one challenge has she been bad in, and her Mariah Carey impersonation was on point.  Shangela's fashion has gotten way better over the years, and her comedy/acting has always been there, so it will be a race to the finish to see if she can really prove that third times a charm. 

1. BenDeLaCreme.  Ben is the odds on favorite to win for most of the people I talk to, and I completely agree with them.  Ben has overtly excelled in everything so far, yet has done it without the ego that we sort of saw in season 6.  She had a hurricane and a shady elephant to deal with in her season (Bianca and Darienne Lake, respectively) which made it tougher for her to get to the end.  As of now, the coast is clear, and I would be thrilled to see her snatch the trophy and become the second queen from Seattle to win big on RPDR

Who do you think has the best chance of winning All Stars 3

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  1. Both Kennedy and Ben had me

    Both Kennedy and Ben had me rolling on the floor in the Bitchelor, I've re-watched it several times over the past week.   It's one of the all-time best skits in the history of Drag Race.   I'm picking Ben to win, over second-place Shangela, as he has had the strongest overall season so far.   I don't care for Aja's look at all, her makeup looks really awful and those pastel wigs don't help at all.   The rest are just "there".   ChiChi is very likable but was kept around long enough, it was time for her to go.    I was very disappointed in Snatch Game, it was not very good at all except for Ben and Shangela. 


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