Who Should Be Cast In Celebrity Big Brother?

Who Should Be Cast In Celebrity Big Brother?

Johnny Weir, Kathy Griffin, and Ali Lohan Are On Our Wish List!

You’ve heard that a celebrity edition of CBS’ hit show, Big Brother, is premiering in February, right?! Yes, I’m going to absolutely be glued to my television from the premiere moving forward. According to US Weekly, the United States’ first season of Celebrity Big Brother will premiere on February 7th and will last for thirteen episodes. Honestly, this is reminding me a lot of Big Brother: Over The Top, which followed the same format in a digital version. We can expect the show’s classic format of watching the contestants live 24 hours a day and will indulge in the live eviction ceremonies.

CBS, hear me out, you’re going to need to have entertainers for this to work. Please, give us the mess! I do not want to see former players that you think are celebrities, ESPECIALLY do.not.give.us.Frankie.Grande. No one, seriously, NO ONE, wants to watch Grande ever. That is a horrible idea and you are selling yourselves short if you think that will work. It – won’t. Also, while we’re at it, can we just avoid any viral star in general. YouTubers and the like should not even be considered for this. I’m still sitting here trying to find one that’s interesting. Alas, I’m coming up short.

There are a handful of rumors flying around that Sammi Giancola from Jersey Shore is going to step foot into the Big Brother house as opposed to the Shore reunion series…eh, that may not be the worst decision. But, I should solely be in charge of casting this show, because damn I have the greatest cast!

Hear me out on who should be the twelve celebrities leading this show:

Safaree Samuels


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Samuels currently stars on Love and Hip Hop so he isn’t unfamiliar with reality television. Plus, he likes to talk and spills the tea – and is Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend. Seriously, get him!

Johnny Weir

Weir would be the token gay that they need. He’s likeable, funny, and would probably dominate in the challenges they’d give him, being a famous ice skater and all. He’d totally say yes to this!

Dennis Rodman

Is it truly a celebrity reality show is Rodman is not in it?! He isn’t doing ANYTHING! He HAS to say yes. This is his destiny.

Stephen Baldwin



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Although he is terribly unpopular, the lesser of the Baldwin Brothers, Stephen, has done a handful of reality shows before and would give America a chance to see how Trump supporters boast during this political climate. There has to be like, one Trumpette in that house, right? I mean, drama- hello!

Aaron Carter


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Yes, I’ve said some horrible things about the youngest Carter brother in the past, but seriously, he would be perfect for this show. We’d get to soak up all the drama he would bring and he’s likely the first to be eliminated. And he’s like, sort of eye candy?!

Jackee Harry

Yes, the mom from Sister, Sister needs to make a comeback. Harry would be hysterical on this show and it could perhaps revive her career!? We need at least someone to make it out of this better than before going in. That person could be Harry!

Kathy Griffin

If you want a headliner, Griffin is definitely the person who will accomplish Big Brother being a trending topic. I mean, as long as the house doesn’t get raided from people who severely despise Griffin, she would be awesome. She’s already made guest appearances in the Big Brother house before…so why not? Also, she would do anything to get back on television at this point: Give her a shot!

Tiffany “New York” Pollard


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Seriously, Pollard better be in this house. She recently did Celebrity Big Brother UK – and randomly did quite well. Pay this girl what she’s requesting and get her in there. She is the queen of reality television.

Jenna Jameson

Former porn star, Jenna Jameson, is nearly unrecognizable now. But, she knows how to cause a stir and would say whatever came to her mind. Also, it would be kind of great to have a porn star in the house because that would severely confuse all of the rest of the celebrities to wondering how she got up there with them. Jameson is someone I’d likely be rooting for!

Ali Lohan

It's not the Lohan we want, but it’s the Lohan we deserve. While her older sister, Lindsay, is likely too good for Celebrity Big Brother (in her head), Ali would be awesome. We don’t know much about her except for living in her sister’s shadow, so she totally has to be a little wrecked from that alone. If we can’t get Michael, Dina, or Lindsay…we should totally be able to get Ali!

Do you agree with my list?! Who do you want to see in the Celebrity Big Brother house?!

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