Will & Grace Fall Season Recap: Where Do We Go From Here?

Will & Grace had their fall finale this past Thursday night, which gave a proper goodbye to Karen's (Megan Mullaly) maid Rosario (Shelley Morrison) and ended on an emotional note that the show has never truly given since it premiered back in 1998.  

The show is doing a holiday related episode in December, so we don't have to wait another two months for anything new.  Over the course of six episodes, the show has progressed to some degree but the train that we are on is going a bit slower than needed and in my honest opinion, 

Here is what has transpired so far for the four characters.  Will has decided to quit being a lawyer and work for Grace, although in the most recent episode there is definitely some tension brewing as he went behind her back and leased a space without her knowing.  These two have had a great history of emotional moments on the show, and them working together could lead to something similar to that, but their storylines so far seem to be severely lacking.

Will (Eric McCormackdated a younger guy in an earlier episode, which was a bit of a rehash from the original series.  Also, Grace asks Will to go out with a hotel mogul that she is trying to get hired by as a way to help lure him in, which is also from the original series.  The former was funnier and had a great "educational" moment with Will in the end, however the rehashing of both seems a bit tired and doesn't really get anywhere with these characters.  Now, you will see all four of them (most likely) at Grace's workspace with the "straight" assistant who I still can't seem to figure out his purpose as of yet.

Grace (Debra Messing) reunited with Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) who she kisses at the end of one episode and then he's gone.  The continuation in the next episode with him would've been nice, but all we got was that Grace misses the touch of a man and decides to put herself out there again.  Am I missing something here?  Did she just kiss Leo and then decide to date other men as a result of her "assistant" touching her when she tries to sing?  The original series did a much better job with Grace and her relationships and how they each fell out, but the order of these six episodes just seem very discombobulated with what to do with her in the reboot.

With Will, the hope is that he finds someone to date long term and that it's not just about him working with/for Grace.  A big problem I had in the original series is that he didn't have a full-fledged relationship until towards the end of it, whereas Grace had plenty throughout its run.  Will deserves to find someone, and I hope they find a great character that can balance his relationship with Grace while also having deep, emotional moments together.  Maybe Vince (Bobby Cannavale) will be that for him again? He's set to return at some point. 

Oddly enough, the more emotional moments from this season are the two sidekicks: Karen, and Jack (Sean Hayes). The best episode so far, besides the most recent one, is when Jack's grandson has to go to a camp that aims to straighten kids who identify as LGBT.  It shows the more caring side of Jack that we rarely see in all his shenanigans, and his reconciliation with his son Elliot was quite touching as well.  Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of him and Elliot moving forward.  Also, could Jack have a boyfriend finally?  It would be great if the show could find his equal in someone who is either exactly like Jack… or completely opposite.

As for Karen, losing Rosario was incredibly tough for her (and all of us watching).  Besides that, there hasn't been too much character development for her besides her reunion with Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) and bartender Smitty in the last episode.  I think it's time that the show finally does what we've been waiting for… SHOW STAN!  He's always referenced but never once been shown, and it would be a great dynamic to see who they would choose and how the two of them would act around one another.  Yes, Karen is hilarious in making fun of Grace and so much more, but it would be fantastic to see another side of her that we haven't seen yet. 

What do you think of the Will & Grace reboot? 

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  1. Grace needs to find a life

    Grace needs to find a life and a man and finall grow a set of balls. Will needs to realise that he and jack are suited for each other and be more interesting. Jack needs to grow up more and takes chances. Karen needs too see stan and meet a new man that makes her happy.

    Karen jack make the show, will is to wimping but good. Grace needs a complete mskeover and learn more responsibly and not lean on Will


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