Will Madonna Be On Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Over the past nine seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race (not including the two All Star seasons), the hit reality television competition has brought in some major heavy hitters in terms of celebrity guests.  For season 9, they kicked things off in a big way by bringing Lady Gaga on as their first guest, who encompassed the entire hour in such a way that it may be the reason why the show was nominated for Outstanding Reality Competition Series at the 2017 Emmys for the first time ever.

Now, there are rumors swirling around that for season 10, the big get will be the one and only Madonna.  I'm sort of surprised that she hasn't been on the show yet, given her illustrious history with drag culture (or maybe that she allegedly filed a cease and desist against Michelle's group Seduction years ago has stopped her), but alas, the millions of Madonna fans may finally see her walk the catwalk on the shows legendary stage.

Michelle, Ross Matthews and Ru talked with TVLine on the red carpet for the 2017 Emmys,  When asked if there was anyone who could top Lady Gaga's appearance, Ru said "It is kinda tough to top her. But I think we’ve done it. I really do.”

When the interviewer directly asked if it was Madonna who he was referring to, Ru simply replied " “I can’t saaay."  Ru didn't say no, so its all speculation now, but Madonna would be a huge get for the show and a big rebound for the nightmarish "Night of 1000 Madonnas" that bombed not once… but twice.

If not Madonna… then who?  Cher?  Barbara?  Who do you think will be the big star for Season 10 of RPDR? 


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  1. Oh please.  You are giving

    Oh please.  You are giving gaga way too much credit, by implying that her presence on the show is part of the reason RPDR was nominated for an Emmy.  Give RuPaul the credit that is due.  It has ZERO to do with gaga.


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