Will Netflix’s Gay Vampire Project Be The Next ‘Twilight?’

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. / Image via Summit Entertainment

A vampire series focused on a queer romance?

Variety reports that Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, Scream Queens) is executive producing a new Netflix project. The one-hour show will be a series adaption of a successful Young Adult vampire short story by Victoria “V.E.” Schwab called First Kill.


The story centers around a teenage vampire named Juliette. Juliette is tasked with taking her first kill so that she can properly join her vampire family, but she gets an unwelcome surprise when she selects a target. It turns out the new girl in town, named Calliope, is not the perfect target as she is a vampire hunter. The two then sprial into a battle of wits, strength, and love.

Joining Emma Roberts in executive producing the eight-episode series is the short story’s author. Schwab will also act as the series’ co-writer alongside Felicia D. Henderson, who will executive produce and act as showrunner. Finally, Karah Preiss will join Emma Roberts as an executive producer through their Belletrist Productions banner.


Given the lesbian love story and the vampire-fights-hunter theme, Entertainment Weekly is describing this series as Twilight meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Though, we would argue that there’s a third show that perfectly joins this match up… Killing Eve. Yes, just as that show centers around master spies in an intense battle of passion and pain, First Kill seems to be about a vampire and a vampire hunter doing the same.

One would wonder, however, if this series will carry the same major grandeur that Killing Eve does. Or, will the teen drama aspect water down the work? First Kill has only just been greenlit by Netflix, so we have some time until the final project will show its results.

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