Woof! Tom Hardy Shaking a Security Dog’s Paw at the ‘Venom’ Premiere Makes Us Feel All Kinds of Things

Maybe you’ve heard by now: Venom is not good. It’s getting Catwoman-level bad reviews (which undoubtedly will be reason enough for some to go and see it). The studio (Sony) was hoping this would be a franchise-starter. Unless the movie outperforms expectations at the box office [unlikely] this almost surely won’t be the case. Womp womp.

Well, here at Instinct we like to focus on the positive wherever possible. So we’re drawing your attention to the one piece of Venom-related news that’s getting positive reviews all across the board: Tom Hardy sharing affection with a security dog.

Hardy, looking hotter than all unholy hell as per usual, not to mention dapper in a perfectly tailored blue suit, spent plenty of time taking photos with fans and signing autographs at the $100 million+ movie’s premiere in Westwood. Then, just before entering the theater, the Oscar-nominated actor stopped to shake a paw. A golden security dog looked as delighted as Hardy.

This isn’t the first time Hardy’s love of canines has made us swoon:

His dog Woodie (Woodstock) frequently accompanied him on the red carpet. Hardy found Woodie in Georgia while filming Lawless. When the dog died, Hardy penned a tribute that made everyone on the internet cry for at least a month or so, calling Woody his "best friend."

Then, this guy joined Hardy at the premiere of The Drop.

And here’s a picture of a mostly naked Hardy, soaking wet, with a Saint Bernard. Just in case you weren’t already losing your mind. Jeez.

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