Wrestler Adam Bolt Opens Up About Coming Out As Bisexual

Adam Bolt recently opened up about his experience coming out as bisexual after previously fearing the thought that he might be “rejected or looked at different” as a wrestler because of his sexuality.

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In June 2021, Bolt celebrated Pride month by posting a heartfelt coming out message on Twitter. On the caption, he wrote:


“This is literally the scariest thing I’ve ever posted

But it’s a relief

There was no plan for what I was going to post about being bi, I just kinda started typing and ended up with this so it’s quite a read

#pride #HappyPrideMonth”

Two years later, Bolt opened up about how how coming out made him a better wrestler.


“Wrestling is very character based and personality based, and some of the best advice I got was the best characters in wrestling, the most successful, are just heightened versions of yourself. That made me look at myself and think, how can I be that if I’m not being myself?” he shared in a recent interview with PinkNews.

The wrestler continued,

“I always felt like I was holding something back. I always felt like I was performing at say 80 per cent because I didn’t feel like I could just let go.”

He further expressed his hopes of helping other members of the LGBTQ+ community by being open about who he truly is.

“Everybody has their own journey. Whether you’re 13, 30 or 45 or older, it doesn’t matter. Once you get there it is the best thing because you can be yourself. It’s great me being open about it, but if I can’t help people along the way what’s the point? There’s nothing better than that,” Bolt stated.

Source: thepinknews.com

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