‘X Factor’ Winner Dalton Harris Came Out As Pansexual

Images via Twitter @daltonharris & ITV

Thank you, Dalton Harris.

In 2018, Jamaican singer Dalton Harris won UK’s X-Factor. Since then, he has gone one to release music such as “Cry,” and “No More Will I Roam.” But this week, a week and a half after Coming Out Day, the singer is making headlines for coming out as pansexual.


Harris let the world in on this part of his life through making posts on his Twitter account and then later sharing screenshots of those posts on Instagram. However, this moment was an extension of Harris’s words from a few days ago. At that time, Harris admitted online that he had considered committing suicide. The reason being, he’d just recently broken up from a good relationship that taught him a lot of good. But, he has instead decided to take this as a lesson about the life he wants to live.

“I want to experience live and be honest with myself and everyone around me in my intentions,” he wrote on twitter. “Not hide or mask feelings and or flaws. Not judge myself. Not abuse myself and or anyone else. I am thankful for my family and everyone who is around me.”


Then more recently, Harris confronted followers and Twitter users who ridiculed him for expressing himself during a moment of distress. He then condemned those who were attacking his sexuality.

He wrote, “My privacy is my business and whoever enters my bedroom will get there because of how I feel about them, any of the other physical checkpoints I should meet to make anyone accept me. My life is mine to live.”



Harris then tweeted a picture of the pansexual pride flag.

Thank you to Dalton Harris. Not only did you let us in and tell us your personal trials and triumphs, but you are also being the representation LGBTQ people and non-LGBTQ people need to see.