Young Man Arrested In Connection To Body Found Near Mahim Creek In India

Photo by Reiner Knudsen on Unsplash

A young man in India has been arrested for the murder of his sex partner.


On January 4, the naked body of a deceased Suraj Kale was discovered within some bushes near Mahim creek in Mumbai. When a random passerby found the body, Kale’s corpse showed wounds on the head, check, and forehead.

Then on January 21, 23-year-old Vittal Bhajantri, from Karnataka, was arrested.

According to the Times of India, the two were coworkers and sex partners. The police suspect that Kale tried to blackmail Bhajantri in order to keep their relationship a secret. That led Bhajantri to deadly violence.

Police first suspected Bhajantri after getting a lead from an informer. They then gathered the suspect’s call data and found that he made calls to two people on the day of the body’s discovery.


Photo by Reiner Knudsen on Unsplash

“Our men team reached Afzal Nagar and, with help of the local police, traced the two with whom Bhajantari was in touch. They said Bhajantari had asked them to arrange for a job as he was leaving Mumbai,” said senior inspector of Bandra police station Girish Anankar.

The team then intercepted Bhajantari during his escape.


“He was shocked to find the police team there,” said one police officer to reporters.

Then according to the United News of India, Bhajantari has been charged with sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing disappearnce of evidence) of the IPC. 

The trial in the Bandra Court continues.

h/t: United News of India, Times of India

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