YouTuber Adam B Came Out!

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TV presenter and internet personality Adam B is sharing his truth with the world.

Adam B, real name Adam Beales, is a YouTuber and tv show host. He has a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers and has hosted programs like CBBC’s Blue Peter. But the North Irish personality from Derry is making headlines this weekend for coming out as gay.


Beales shared this truth through a recent YouTube video titled “I’M GAY.” In the video, which you can watch below, the 22-year-old is seen sitting with his parents and younger brother.

“I’m gay…I’ve said it. I’ve finally told you something I’ve meant to tell you for a long time,” Adam starts.

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He then adds, “One thing I love about these guys is that when I told them, nothing changed, and that’s the best feeling ever. To be able to love life, to wake up in the morning and feel like nothing’s changed.”


“I wanted to create this video to show you guys my journey, to show you the way in which I decided to do it,” Adam B explained to viewers. “The important message is just to open up and talk about whatever’s on your mind. Opening up to these guys was the best thing ever. I was instantly a million times better when I told them.

“It’s exciting to be able to share so much more of my life with you now, in such a way I’m happy and proud to share it,” the YouTuber continued. “I have the best support, my mum and dad aren’t only the best they’re amazing mentors, generally amazing people. I have to say Callum has been the best brother throughout all of this.”

The tv and internet personality also shared that he has a boyfriend. And as for his tv career, Adam B explained that it helped him to come to terms with his sexual orientation. While working on Blue Peter, Adam “started to notice things.” He also says making the show helped him to be more confident about himself. Though, Adam B left the show on July 15 after two years as a presenter.


To close the video, the YouTuber said, “I don’t know what you’re going to think or say, but I wouldn’t have done what I’m doing now if I was living in fear. Love should never mean having to live in fear.

He added, “This is the most vulnerable I’ve felt in a really long time, and it’s the best I’ve felt in my entire life. This weight on my shoulders feels like it’s finally been lifted, I can finally breathe.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Adam Beales.

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