YouTuber Bryan Hawn Called Out Over Racist & Violent Tweets

Credit: Bryan Hawn YouTube Page

Bryan Hawn, who rose to fame many years ago due to his YouTube parody videos of popular songs, is the latest in a string of somewhat known white celebrities who are being called out over racist social media posts. 

Numerous posts have been made by people sharing screen shots of what Hawn has allegedly posted in the past before both his Twitter accounts became private (his Instagram page remains public but he hasn’t added anything since late April).

Some of those tweets were captured and shared by Boy Culture. They had this to say about Hawn:

BOY CULTURE: I am embarrassed to have given Bryan Hawn so much coverage, but having met him twice and experienced him as a sweet, humble guy who was industriously making money with his harmless videos, I must say I never could have predicted he would melt down in quite the way that he apparently has.

The tweets shared has Bryan saying that “all looters of every color” deserve to be shot over their actions. He also confessed to standing with President Donald Trump amid the worldwide protests after George Floyd‘s passing with the timely hashtag #somebodygivemeamagahat.

Credit: Bryan Hawn Twitter

He also referenced the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement and said that their actions (from his POV) are a reason to “hand Trump the keys to The White House for the next four years”. Bryan brought up Democratic nominee Joe Biden and said that he was “kissing the asses” of the people who apparently do wrong in his eyes.

Credit: Bryan Hawn Twitter

But wait, there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough he also admitted to becoming a Trump supporter & abandoning his “fight for gay rights because I will not watch our cities burn.”

Credit: Bryan Hawn Twitter


Other social media users dug up alleged tweets where he said “Asians can’t drive” and “Jews will try to rip up your business.” He also allegedly claimed that the only reason why black people would really protest is if they “Ban Welfare!”

People have repeatedly tagged Apple Music to have all his worked from iTunes removed over his words. “Racist artists do not deserve a platform,” one tweeted.


In February, Hawn shared his thoughts on cancer with a side of racism.  One Twitter user pushed back against Hawn’s claim that babies are responsible for their own Leukemia deaths because of their alcoholic mothers. Hawn’s response was to call her “another obnoxious Asian med student” and she should “open her eyes a little wider so she can see the big picture lol” (nsfw

What happens when a person takes down all of their previous messages? They may be lost forever. Someone out there has gathered up a good amount of screen shots of Hawn’s posts and placed them on an Instagram account called bryanhawnracist. Feel free to comb through and make your own call. It’s 22 posts and only 6 days old, but they are supposedly his words about today’s world. Searching Instagram for #bryanhawn will bring up more of the same.

Instagram screen shot
Credit: Billy Santoro YouTube Page

Bryan Hawn is not the first and will not be the last that we see this behavior from. It was just this week that porn star Billy Santoro had his JustForFans and OnlyFans page shut down earlier this week after his own racist posts came to light. “Lol. America!” Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest,” he wrote on his now deleted Facebook page. “Wake the f**k up. Shoot first.” 


Editor’s note: We at Instinct did share many of Bryan Hawn’s videos in the past, but have not for some time. Today, the decision was made to remove all of his previously posted content.

8 thoughts on “YouTuber Bryan Hawn Called Out Over Racist & Violent Tweets”

  1. Instinct Magazine canceled themselves. Their desperate magazine has been trying to ride on the coattail of Bryan’s viral videos for years. So what? They are politically but hurt and won’t be leeching off of all his traffic anymore? Pfft. Ok Girl! You sure showed him lol! 😂

  2. He was and has always been an asshole. Not only was his “workout” plan to get an ass like his a scam, his onlyfans is a scam with dumb teases, and he claims to be a hyena expert. Also he embellished a story that he was sexually assaulted by a porn star to get sympathy during the Me Too movement. He stripped at a club in SF in 2013 (I think) and from what I heard he has a very selfish diva attitude. ALSO from what I heard he only likes straight guys hence his video parodies. His latest bf is “straight”. This is a case of Joe Exotic except Bryan is a scamming whore. I don’t know how he became famous or why gay news outlet promoted this douche in the first place but I’m glad people are finally seeing his true colors.

    • I had already seen his videos in the past and learn what kind of person he really is, that disgusts me !!After the call to boycott his creations on some platforms, this should be the same case on youtube.


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