YouTuber Tai Couture Passed Away

Image via Instagram @mrtaicouture

We regretfully inform you that YouTuber and LGBTQ internet influencer Tai Couture has passed away from suicide.

Tai Couture, real name Tyree Williams, was announced dead by a friend on Instagram. That said, no further details were shared such as what time and date he was announced dead or who discovered him.


We do know that Tai had faced depression and attempted suicide before. The internet personality had shared stories of his life with depression several times. After the widely reported suicide of teenager Nigel Shelby, Tai wrote the following Facebook message:

“My heart mourns for the pain, torment, and loneliness this baby felt preceding his suicide. My suicide attempt was only a little over a year ago when I cut my wrist with a knife and was hospitalized. Although bullying wasn’t my trigger I know firsthand how it feels to be desperate for the hurt to end. I pray for Nigel’s family, friends, and the LGBTQ community. May the world continue to spread more unconditional love and not hate.”

And now with Tai Couture’s passing, we wish to express and emphasize checking in with loved ones and their mental health. In addition, those who are in the midst of depression and having suicidal thoughts, we beseech you to seek help however you can.

If you do find yourself in a similar position, you can contact the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1(800)273-8255.

In addition, you can contact the Crisis Services of North Alabama at (256) 716-1000, text the crisis text line at 741-741, or download the SPEAK suicide prevention app for free.

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