Zachary Quinto & Lukas Gage Pair Up for the Wildest Night in New Film

Sony Pictures Entertainment recently released the official red band trailer of ‘Down Low’, starring queer actors Zachary Quinto and Lukas Gage.

(c) Sony Pictures Entertainment / Down Low

In the comedy film, Quinto is playing the role of Gary whose wife left him, and soon realizes that he hasn’t lived his life as a gay man. Meanwhile, Gage is portraying the character of a masseur named Cameron who helps him adapt to the gay life one possible hook up after another.


However, things get unexpectedly messy when fatal accidents happen, as shown in the trailer… Despite that, Gary realizes his zaddy potential with the help of the ever so optimistic twink Cameron. 😉

Moreover, the official synopsis of ‘Down Low’ reads:

“Down Low is an outrageous comedy about one wild night, a deeply repressed man, the twink who gives him a happy ending, and all the lives they ruin along the way.”

(c) Sony Pictures Entertainment / Down Low

The comedy film is directed by Rightor Doyle and it is written by Phoebe Fisher and Gage. Aside from the two queer actors, the cast of ‘Down Low’ also includes: Simon Rex, Audra McDonald and Judith Light.

Most importantly, ‘Down Low’ will be available to buy or rent on digital on October 10. In the meantime, you can watch the official red band trailer here:

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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  1. Been looking forward to watching some new gay movies, adding this one to my list. I get together with several gay friends and we each get a turn picking out new gay movies or shows to watch together.


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