Zakar Twins Read Grindr Messages

I always get a weird feeling when I see my platonic friends on hook up apps.  Please, I know we all need to get it, but it’s just a little odd for me.  I couldn’t imagine having a twin brother and seeing him flaunt his wares and other bits on the sex apps.

The Zakar twins apparently jump onto the grid occasionally and some friendly Grindrs know they’re twins.  Michael and Zack, born and raised in Troy, Michigan, recently posted a video on their Facebook page to share some of the not so sane Grindr messages they’ve received.


We’ve had people actually think we bang because we model in our underwear together.  I’m positive we haven’t sleep together. A lot of guys think it’s weird that we can get that close while posing. –




Throughout the whole video I wanted to see what pics they were using on their Grindr profiles. 

Since they didn’t show us, I’ll share some of my favorites pics of the Zakar men with you. 

I’d be hitting them up,  wouldn’t you?

For more chances to see them, and their Instagram would be two good places to start.


Photo by Murray Grondin
Photo by Murray Grondin
Photo by Murray Grondin
Photo by Murray Grondin
Photo by Murray Grondin

… and my favorite pic of all.

Not sure which of the twins is cuter?  Maybe Winona can help?




Zakar Twins Facebook – video

DNAMagazine – photos


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