Zakar Twins Read Mean Comments

We’ve been obsessed with the Zakar twins for some time now. From their coming out story, to reading Grindr messages we can’t get enough of them.

With the recent limelight on them, we all knew the trolls would come out of the woodwork. Thankfully the Zakar twins take it in stride and decided to post a video reading the mean comments. They do a great job of not only poking fun at the comments but also themselves. I mean if you can’t have fun with it, then why do it.




I found it hilarious. It’s great to see the twins don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun with it. 

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To also help with the work load, here are a few of their recent Instagram pics.



Copy & Paste. #twins

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Taking party hard to a whole new meaning. #twins

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Showing up to your funeral like… Get the look: @gunnardeatherage #gunnar

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Masc4Masc #iwokeuplikethis

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