Reports are conflicting. What do you see Occurring in the Workplace?
Grab the tissues!
Thanks, Fisher-Price!
Thanks, Target!
Gay? Bi? Straight? Men? Women? Who has the better record of obtaining that degree?
"Equality and cake for all!"
Dallas - Tallywackers is officially open for business.
Brandon Hawk makes headlines with an unconventional Indiegogo campaign.
Thanks, Sabra!
"I want everyone to know they are welcome to hail a ride!"
..for hosting the rabidly anti-gay Ted Cruz.
...says U2's fatherly-love album cover promotes homosexuality
Do you give to Charity? Who gets your money?
"I am deeply sorry."
Why is A&F asking its models to put their shirts back on?
"In Soviet Russia, Siri Questions You."
Mr Gay New Zealand did!
Even more LGBT emojis were given to users in a Wednesday update
SalesForce has plenty to say to the Indianans who fought against the first version of the "religious freedom" law.
A list of more than 100 (and growing) leaders in tech have signed a statement demanding a nationwide end to LGBT discrimination.