Apple threatened to remove the Uber app from the iPhone app store.
From Frat Boy to model and now the new AdamMale spokesperson
Honored with 'Best Up-and-Coming' as well as 'Best to Relocate to,' it's time to visit Cincy!
"“The iconic host, advocate, drag queen, singer, model, actor and author is a trailblazer who continues to break down barriers..."
No more XL for me!
Garrett lost re-election & funders b/c of anti-LGBT opinions. Wants to kill bank he will be in charge of.
Before his honeymoon.
Well played, Southwest!
...Depiction Of The Last Supper
Billionnaire already sells bread worldwide plans chain of stores. You could be buying some.
Can we get an amen up in here?!
Wine All You Want. It's What They Do Here.
According to a new report, Detox is now the second "Drag Race" queen to file a lawsuit against Producer Entertainment Group.
"No one should ever be mistreated this way."
Ambassador for Inclusion making his way to the top.
Wins & Losses w/ Conversion Therapy Bans.
“I’m deeply outraged that a bank of this size would use homophobia as a basis for dismissal..."
Here's why...
... After Dressing Melania Trump
Appeals court rules workplace bias against LGBTers is illegal.
Adore alleges the management company threatened to "destroy his career," if he continued to question his finances.
Watch, and tell us what you think!
Trump's New Executive Order Allows Federal Contractors To Discriminate Against LGBT Employees
Alternative 'Unity and Inclusion' Parade Being Planned For Same Day
Tax Tips From Wells Fargo
New study finds that leadership positions may be out of our reach if we sound gay.
Bridgestone ad campaign shows us how hard he struggled to compete and win.
YouTube's troubles continue to mount. 
“If we had bad customer service or our food was poor, I could understand..."
So far, Apple has contributed more than $130 million to (PRODUCT)RED.