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Read the tweets. The athlete can't seem to apologize enough for his hate speech.
It’s his first time being on The Great White Way.
Andy Cohen slammed him after he made the grotesque statement.
We're already gagging on the first 14 minutes of the premiere episode
The college ignored a complaint of underage drinking, inappropriate text messages, and groping
Scientists were about to test an antibody when this decision came about.
The ban on LGBTQ content just keeps getting harsher in China.
I hope that one day LGBTQ people won't be targeted for who they are.
Ron Wasserman talks, LGBT Hollywood, "Hot In Cleveland," and much more
The day of the year when most people get dumped is upon us!
But will Whoopi Goldberg be in it?
She's a chameleon, but that's one role she's not ready for
The Rising Star award winner also talks about LGBTQ politics.
“He’s not the kind of person that would get into a conflict that escalated.”
“One morning he woke up and… was acting a little weird."
What to stuff in their stockings? We know now.
"It was all about gay bashing" said the victims
Matt Jacobi asks those questions as well as ... are you "Heading Home For The Holidays?"
No harm done, right? Except for this incendiary one.
from Jocks to Bears to Chefs to Greeks to immigration mistakes and more.
Deese was allowed to graduate, but then pushed out using outdated ban that was recently fortified by Trump.
He's had quite a 2018, and now he's finishing the year with his new beau! Hello Chad!
It’s complicated no matter what way you look at it.
He's had many blind date offers since appearing on the hit Bravo series.
If they can't talk about things like that, what's the point in having the group?
"Someone knows what happened to Scott, either because they were present or because they heard."
"You can't forget where you're from, and you have to make strides to advance the rights of everyone.”
What can you learn from Momoa? He'll show you.
This can be extremely harmful for trans students' well-being.