Why everyone should know about The Alliance for Positive Change.
Legal, religious, and spiritual attempts to change who we are reach high six figures.
Compromising to stay together.
It May Be Time To Make A Doctor Appointment!
They talk about the pressures to stay thin and muscular & the routines they commit to in order to do that.
Only a dozen or so countries aggresively push for the distribution of PrEP & experts are shaking their heads.
Easier for Trans People to Update Birth Certificates in Russia than in Many U.S. States
UCLA recently released statics surrounding conversion therapy practices and effects.
His death is still under investigation
And his reason for removing four ribs? So he can have an easier time getting dressed.
Max Emerson, Michael Henry, Brandon Rogers get down and dirty about sex and numbers!
He recently came out of the closet to much praise and adoration.
Can everyday be leg day?
Looks like weekly pill would be more effective than a daily. More apt to sign up for PrEP?
"I couldn't possibly continue discriminating against others, including people of color."
See the muscle we never get to see!
The study involving white t-shirts had partners react to their man's 24-hour BO.
Will the program spread to other states?
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Matt Palazzolo's death is still under investigation
There was a lot of time between his two coming outs, 1988 and 2010
Oh, but nothing could be that simple. It'll mean three times the work.
What other health issues does too much use cause? This is depressing.
We love seeing more of Tommy and hearing his advice.
After suffering a life-changing spinal cord injury a couple of years back, see where he is now.
"These families are a virtuous example for everyone who loves and respects their children with dignity even in extreme pain."
One hospital reports 100 men coming in each month, and 3-4 each day, for the procedure.
Well his boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and dancers will be in tow. A must see?
This could help same-sex couples give birth to children biologically related to both partners.
Instinct Replay - "If someone has the guts to tell you “I’m transgender” “I’m gay” “I’m bisexual”...PLEASE BELIEVE them."