'Every single man – straight, gay or otherwise – feels exactly the same.'
Ajay Holbrook shares his amazing story.
Reports say he's engaging in heavy drug activity and threatening to harm himself and others.
Early tests are also showing its ability to prevent infection.
Ginger fur all over! (NSFW-ish!)
...Asks People To Help Pay His Medical Bills
...About Healthcare Bill
Yes, he does eat actual "cheat" meals.
...With HIV
This happened in Worms, Germany. Yes, Worms.
And cites The Rock as his fitness inspiration!
But some feel there's still more room to go.
Is this promising news? Will a positive fix be a reality?
Apologizes to judge, she wasn't having it at all.
Store's policy is now worse than North Carolina since the state amended the inhumane law.
Largest Chocolate Maker To Invest $1 Billion Into Fighting Climate Change
According to reports, "...the nurses disciplined admired the size of the deceased patient’s genitals..."
New Study Says If You Should Put A Ring On It At Work
One man tried the new fad, known as "scrotox," and here's what he had to say about it...
Hopes to Counter the Church's Discrimination
LGT and Straight People May Be To Blame
F.U. Irma. With still two more days to go before she hits Florida, there's no time to waste.
The future doesn't look good at the moment
The number is at an all time low
Would You Give If It Went To Help Fellow LGBTQ In Houston?
Judgmental group? Or do they just have their asses in the closet?
The service has had great results so far
Funny and informative!
Why did the court not treat these as hate crimes?
'If you think your [conversion] treatment will work, sign me up'