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Big Brother UK's Andrew Sexually Harassed Gay Housemate Raph

Big Brother UK has had a lot of gay news coverage in the past few weeks. Mostly, that’s because the contestants seem extra fame hungry this season and are willing to do a lot more to get on camera.

This goes from three dudes getting in the shower together and smashing their butts up against the glass doors “as a joke,” to everyone in the house making out with each other (girl on girl, girl on guy, and guy on guy).



But the latest situation to happen in the Big Brother UK house isn’t just man flesh clickbait, but something really serious. Sexual harassment.

Of course, some may feel that's too strong a term for the situation since it’s involving two guys and not a guy and a girl, but the situation is the same even if its two dudes in the equation.

What happened was that the two gay contestants in the house, Andrew and Raph, had gotten pretty close. But, it seems that Andrew wants them to get even closer and isn’t willing to go about it in a natural and consenting way.

Andrew starts off by asking for a hug from Raph. Raph consents but admits that he’s not a big hugger.

Andrew then pecks Raph on the cheek. Raph show’s he’s not ok with it, but Andrew continues. Raph protests so much that he repeatedly yells out no and falls onto the ground.

Andrew then mumbles, “Raph, please forgive me, please forgive me.”



The entire situation was awkward for sure, but most people are passing it off as just that. Awkward.





When in reality, if this same situation were to happen with a guy on a girl, that guy would face punishment.

Thankfully, many other fans of the show agree that this double standard shouldn’t exist and that Andrew should face some kind of punishment. Some even say he should be taken out of the game entirely.







What do you think? Was it just a stupid mistake or does it fit the label of sexual harassment? Do you think Andrew should get kicked out of the game for it or do you think, “Who cares?”

Let us know in the comments down below.



And after the news from another reality show, we're supposed to believe the producers didn't encourage this or lubricate events by providing too much alcohol?


Well, considering most sexual harassment cases are just stupid mistakes, then yeah, it's sexual harassment.  They should deal with it.

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