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Caso Cerrado - Our New Binge Worthy Court Room Justice Show

Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it would be beneficial to know Spanish.  Especially since I recently stumbled upon Caso Cerrado.  Thank god for subtitles!

I was a huge fan of Judge Wapner and The People's Court when I was younger.  With only 4 channels available, we had limited venues for entertainment, but The People's Court was a good option from 1981 to 1993.

Now we're living in the time of Judge Judy, Brown, and there's even a show with three judges on the bench at once. 

Growing up in Maine, we learned a great deal about the lives of others on the west coast. In some cases it was a cultural learning experience.

Enter Caso Cerrado. I was thumbing through YouTube the other day and stumbled upon Caso Cerrado.  My roommate exclaimed, "I love that show!"  I thought I would give it a go. 

Well, the first episode I watched was titled "Death By Anal Sex "  Yes,  the Telemundo English YouTube channel used the eggplant emoji.  The story breaks down to an elderly couple selecting a transgender woman to spice things up for the husband's birthday.  Did everyone know she was transgender? Who's suing who? Well you may have to watch and find out.



It was very interesting to watch this television show handle this case.  I was hooked and wanted to see more.

The next up was a case where a wife Choked on the brother-in-law's semen and died.  You know I was pulled in further when they compared about Venezuelan men and their ejaculate to cows.   Well, you may have to see it for yourself (Wife Choked On Semen And Died!).

Where was I when the restaurant Touch was around here in Miami. Judge Ana Maria Polo heard a case about Accidental Ejaculation when a waiter left something on a customer's face that should not have been there.  The gist was that the menu was painted on beautiful men and women, they were wearing very small underwear, customers were blindfolded, and whatever the customer liked the feel of on the model, which ever body part they hovered on, they would be receiving that menu item to eat.  Apparently one customer hovered too long on one part of the menu and dessert was served on her husband's face.

So yes, Judge Wapner would be rolling over in his grave if he saw these cases on television. But then again, it ain't the '80s.  To tackle these varied topics they cover on Caso Cerrado, some credit must be given? Sex, transgender plaintiffs, unexpected expectorants, and the last one I will mention, HIV.

The three previous cases were a little titillating, but this last case really hit home.  It involves a narrow-minded business owner and her gossiping friends. Here's "Fired For Having HIV"



I loved that we knew where Ana Maria Polo was going in this case.  Of course she knew the law and wasn't going to budge on this atrocity.

I had to stop there for I was truly hooked at this point on Caso Cerrado.

Maybe I can learn Spanish this way.

Have you seen other courtroom dramas handle LGBT issues like "Case Closed" has?