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Cher Releases New Song, 'Ooga Boo'!

Cher Releases Children's Song

Animated Cher Is Back In An Unusual Form

When Cher isn't tweeting against the Trump Administration, she's been secretly recording a new song! 'Ooga Boo' is intended as the opening song for the animated children's show, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh

Think you haven't heard of the show? Guess again! It's a spin off from the Dreamworks film, Home, which bad-girl Rihanna loaned her voice to one of the leads. Cher voices one of the characters in the children's series, Chercophonie, who is, of course, an alien singer and the ultimate diva. 

I can already see Ooga Boo being remixed into dance clubs around the nation. Can someone pretty please remix this?! As the LGBTQ Community, it is our duty to dance and promote any track our goddess, Cher, is a part of. 

Let's hope this isn't the end of Cher's track releases for 2017. There's still more time. We need her voice now more than ever!

Please come out with some more music, Cher!

Check out Ooga Boo below! She still gives us what we want- that powerful, legendary voice!