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Chris Colfer Joins Ab Fab Cast. We Just Gleeked Out!

We are sure the list will grow before filming is completed, but the Ab Fab cast list is keeping us happy so far.   Already added are Joan Collins and Emma Bunton and the October announcement of the addition of 100 drag queens.


On top of eight drag queens to perform individually and 70 to be in an audience, they are specifically after 18 celebrity drag lookalikes. These include a Cher lookalike, a Christina Aguilera lookalike and a Tammy Wynette lookalike. -


With the addition of Chris Colfer, is Ab Fab trying to draw in the younger crowd? And who will he be cast as? No answers yet, but we do wish him well!

What other stars will appear in the Absolutely Fabulous movie when it comes out some time next year?  Rumors are the most plentiful about Harry Stiles making a showing, but there is also a rumor that all the guest stars from the series will make an appearance.  That's a pretty long list!  Here is a screen shot from showing all the guest stars.  Click for larger image.


No matter who is in this reincarnation of a good time, it's going to be ... excellent.