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Forget Super Mario's Nipples, We've Already Seen His Peen

The internet went crazy last month when a trailer for the latest Super Mario game showed the lovable mustached character with ACTUAL nipples

Little did all of us know that he actually revealed a lot more of himself a couple of decades ago!  We are talking about Super Mario's super peen!  

Mario's penis was actually put into print in a Super Mario manga series that was active from 1988 to 1998.  

Per Mashable

This panel was part of the first volume of the manga series called Super Mario, published by Kodansha. Each volume tied into a Mario release at roughly the same time of publish. The first volume, for instance, was tied to the release of the Game Boy game Super Mario Land.

The manga was officially licensed, so that image of Mario's naked nether region technically has the Nintendo stamp of approval.

Mashable tells the story about why Mario is actually naked.  It involves Princess Peach, that naughty naughty princess.