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Move Over 'Gay4Pay', It's All About 'Cashsexuals'

You know all those times you typed 'gay 4 pay' into your search bars? Well, you may have to add a few more terms soon to get to those videos and images you like. In his new book My Husband Gay, Straight or Bi? A Guide for Women Concerned About Their Men, Dr. Joe Kort introduces the terms "Buy-sexual" or "Cashsexual" for men who get hard for some cash instead of that ass.

According to Kort, straight-identifying men are more aroused by the notion of getting a paycheck at the end of a session which helps them perform the task at hand. They are able to disconnect from this 'job' and then return to their private lives where many have relationships with women who are in some way benefiting from this 'buy-sexual/cashsexual' lifestyle.

Kort also explains that the stigmas surrounding straight men who have sex with other men either as a porn star or escort should be re-evaluated due to research that indicates that men can be connected to the financial payoff of a job. In many cases, the same arousal for monetary gain occurs when men have sexual encounters with women. The idea of the 'buy-sexual/cashsexual' is not the same as men who are believed to be on the 'DL'...most of those men are hiding something from someone and they have sex for pleasure, not for pay.

Kort also mentions that the rise of straight men in gay porn has given them a higher paycheck which has created a greater excitement for the task because there is a bigger payoff.

Watch Joe Kort, PhD explain more here:


What do you think about this theory and this new terminology?





I' ve read Joe Kort's books, and while it's feel good psychology, it's not bad, but this is nonsense. They are  having sex with men because they are gay or bi, period. They can claim it's for money, but seriously, how many men are getting paid? 

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