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Reasons Why Men Are Faking Orgasms. Yes, Men Are Doing This!


Historically, women are the ones who have been known as the fakers when it comes to falsifying orgasms, right? But now it seems men are starting to show up on the Fake - O - Radar. 


According to a recent study in the journal, Sexual Relationship Therapy, men are master fakers!

For this particular study, researchers surveyed 230 American and Canadian men (straight, bi and gay) between the ages of 18-29 and asked them about their general sexual experiences over the past four months.

Approximately 30% of the men admitted they had faked squirting their man-juice during an intimate encounter. Now bear in mind, that 30% represents only the guys who fessed up to faux.

A previous study published in the Journal of Sex Research (2010) found that around the same number (28%) of men put acted out a squirt.The new study revealed that guys fake orgasms during a variety of sexual acts but particularly during insertive activities (aka top). -


Yes, it would be very hard for a bottom to fake an orgasm and it would be quite difficult if the sex was ending in oral or a hand job.  It makes sense that the men faking are the ones that are finishing the deed while penetrating another. 

So why would we men fake the pleasure of release?  Isn't that why we have sex?  For the Big O?  Every Day Health lists these six reasons for why men may be faking the finish.

  • To make haste with a delayed orgasm. On average, data show that men tend to take about seven minutes from penetration to climax. If a man believes he’s taking too long, he may decide it’s best to fake the orgasm and get the sexual act over with.
  • To conceal premature ejaculation. Some men pretend to have an orgasm as a front for premature ejaculation, says urologist Craig Niederberger, MD, FACS, head of the department of urology at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
  • To preserve his pride. For men who lose an erection during sex or sense they won’t be able to have an orgasm, it might be easier to fake the orgasm than to talk about why it didn’t occur.
  • To please his partner. A man faking an orgasm might be worried that his partner is uncomfortable due to the length of intercourse. He might also be concerned that his partner will feel hurt if they stop sex before the orgasm.
  • To abide by the “rules.” Some couples have a certain idea about how sexual intercourse will play out. Researchers theorize that some men can’t think of another way for sex to end other than an earth-shattering orgasm, so they end up faking it if it doesn’t happen naturally.
  • To get things over with. Occasionally, men have sex with their partner for the partner’s sake — but since they aren’t really into it, they end up faking an orgasm to resolve the situation. -


That last one ... I think some of us have been in a situation where we wanted to get out of there more than once.  But to fake an orgasm to do so?  I guess it could happen and does.

Others have said they fake orgasms due to lack of ability to ejaculate due to depression and the use of depression medication.  That does sound awful.  I'm not sure being put into a position where you have to fake excitement while depressed is a good thing for your depression recovery.

Do most of these reasons put the "orgasm faker" in a good spot light?

Are these false endings actually done more so for the other party?

Have you faked?




CLEARLY these people have never been with the right person. As the headmaster, I can have a guy shoot in less than 5 mins...TRUE FACT. Sadly trick doesn't work on me. I take longer to shoot, I don't know why :/. Am not faking ish...If that ass is good am going all the way till am done. Sorry ladies & fellas but when you decide to kick it with me be warned...I take long to ejaculate, so be prepared for overtime xD!!

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