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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Talks About Trump, Banning, And Democracy.

What would happen if Twitter suspended Trump?

The thought has crossed your mind.  Don't lie.

In a new interview with CNN Tech Senior Corresponded Laurie Segall, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey discussed Trump, Twitter, and Democracy.  Is Dorsey an optimist when it comes to Twitter users?  Will he treat Trump differently than any other user.  He is the president.

Here's what Jack had to say about the little blue bird and the POTUS.



What do you think?  It seems Dorsey is pretty fair since this interview comes less than a week after Twitter Employees Raise $530K For ACLU. Company's Executice Chair + CEO Both Match for a $1.59 M Total.

What are your thoughts?  Should Twitter treat Trump the same? 

Should they be more lenient?